Yellow Writing Paper Electoral College Essay Outline

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The pretty design on the front cover has an oval area outlined in gold for labeling the notebook.The notebooks are bound with two staples and contains 28 sheets (56 pages).It's tactile - holding the pencil to pad, occasionally turning the pencil around and erasing.'' Glendon Swarthout, the author of '' The Shootist'' and '' Where the Boys Are,'' and who writes on white letter-size (''white is more dignified'') notes that once you've torn pages from a nonperforated pad, the overlapping binding at the top is easily torn off with fingernails or teeth.('' Something to do while you think,'' he explains). Conroy, author of '' The Great Santini'' and '' The Prince of Tides,'' says he goes for years using the short yellow, then for years with the long. Yellow pad paper is ''horrible,'' says James L.My only complaint about the yellow-green notebook is that the color is a little more in-your-face than I was expecting.I'd only used the purple notebooks in the past, but decided to try some other colors.

Writing can be difficult to learn, and many need additional aids to keep them on track.In the early 1900's, it seems, a Baltimore printer and supplier for law firms asked for a legal-length pad that wouldn't come apart. Heffner, who favors the 8 1/2-by-11 3/4 variety (they fit better in his file cabinet), and who ''can't create on a machine,'' says: '' When you look at a pad of yellow paper, the juices flow.Yellow would stand out in a pile of white, and a left-side margin would allow for scribbling. I squeeze a little word in here, a little word in there.Siegel-Baum, a lawyer whose mother made her a needlepoint legal pad holder when she graduated from law school.More legal pads are now manufactured in this country than ever before - 10 or 15 percent more than a decade ago, industry spokesmen say.

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