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Yeats Essay Magic

Among the literary schools of the twentieth century, the Modernists are unquestionably among the most taxing for readers, not least because they undertook diverse and highly individual experiments in their attempt to redirect and reinvent Western literature in the aftermath of World War I, but also because, in company with the neoclassical writers of the eighteenth century, many delighted in what might be seen as egotistical displays of erudition, patching together dense patterns of language, symbols, and symbolism, daring readers to prove their wittiness (or worthiness) by excavating the clearly present but often inscrutable authorial intentions.Of them all, William Butler Yeats is perhaps the most challenging.However, there’s nothing at all in the Allegory of the Cave that suggests some kind of merging, much less eggs or some connection to the tempestuous relationship between the poet and Maud Gonne.The only bit of Plato that fulfils You must first learn human nature and its condition.(1937) with a number of inconsistencies found in Yeats’s poetic corpus, with an emphasis on how one might interpolate an escape from the cycle of lives, in at least one possibility while still maintaining corporality.The justification for this last comes from an analysis of complex cabalistic metaphors and teachings that Yeats learned as a member of Mac Gregor Mathers’ Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.In the third and fourth stanza, however, Yeats completely changes the tone of his poetry.He praises the romantics of Irish history, such as Rob...

He attempted to chart the psychology of incarnation, the interplay of the individual soul and the World Soul, the Unfortunately, Yeats’s thoughts on any subject are usually widely scattered, recurring with variations and contextual shadings across the body of his plays, prose, poetry, and correspondence—as well as in his copious body of draft manuscripts and the marginal notes within his surviving books.He starts by attacking the greedy uncultured people of Ireland, especially the shopkeepers who “add the halfpence to the pence”.He uses adjectives such as “greasy” and “shivering” to help portray his feelings of disgust and vexation. At the end of the stanza he introduces the refrain: “Romantic Ireland's dead and gone, It's with O'Leary in the grave” This refrain enforces his disgust at the type of money hungry people that the Irish have become.He was perfectly willing to intermingle seemingly disparate, even clashing ideas, and stir them together in any given work—often interspersed with and illustrated by autobiographical references unintelligible to anyone lacking an intimate knowledge of the poet’s life.Both his prose style and poetic method are often maddeningly associational, frequently flitting from idea to idea, theme to theme, touching lightly and moving on like a rock skipped across the surface of a pond.

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Yeats' poetry is very dramatic because he usually creates dramatic contrasts within his poems and because his tone changes regularly.

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