Year Round School To Ease Overcrowding Research Paper

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Year Round School To Ease Overcrowding Research Paper

The multi-track year-round calendar has therefore gained the reputation of being a cost-saving remedy to school crowding.

As an additional motivation, many researchers and policymakers have argued that by redistributing the summer break, year-round school calendars could alleviate summer learning loss, the well-documented loss of knowledge that students experience in the summer months spent out of school on a traditional calendar.

If school expansion and construction of new schools does not keep pace with increasing student enrollment then student performance may decline along with the quality of the school experience for students, their families and teachers.

The chart above shows the average ratio of pupils to teachers in the 50 states for the 2013-2014 school year.

By turning public ire into political momentum you can get reforms enacted which allow your locality to continue reaping the benefits of growth without having a negative impact to schools.

But when it comes to school impacts we’re mostly talking about residential development.

Second, policymakers should exhibit particular caution in schools in which the low-income and/or minority populations are large.

The challenges faced by schools with very high minority, low socioeconomic status and potentially English-learner populations (as found in California) are likely to differ from schools where this demographic does not make up as large of a proportion of the students (as found in Wake County, North Carolina).

This summer learning loss has also been shown to be larger for students from traditionally disadvantaged groups.

In the face of school crowding and fears about inequality-inducing summer learning loss, many schools nationwide have started to adopt multi-track year-round calendars., Graves, Mc Mullen and Rouse (2013) discuss their research on year-round school calendars and explain why policymakers both in California and across the nation need to proceed with caution when considering this policy tool.

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In any given year, California alone has typically accounted for roughly half of total enrollment in year-round school calendars nationally.

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