Yahoo Answers Essay

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Yahoo Answers Essay

In this paper, we take into consideration a kind of social space that has so far been scarcely considered in the educational field, that is, question answering (QA), with the aim to understand if informal learning opportunities are actually provided by such online environments.

Social QA services have been widely developing in the past decade, with the mission to be places where everybody can contribute what they know, because everybody, not only teachers and experts, has some knowledge to share [5].

Knowing how to answer interview questions well is always important, especially with this question.

Shah, Oh and Oh [19], after reviewing the literature on online QA services, draw a research agenda for investigating information seeking behaviors in such settings; they identify three main areas of interest: users (including needs, tasks, expectations and motivation), information (including quality of questions and credibility of answers) and technology (including user interface, usability and business model), as well as some intermediate areas rising from the intersections of the main ones: collective knowledge, usage pattern/behavior and devices/policies related to user-generated content.Our analysis highlights the presence of a variety of question/answer types, from mere information exchange or help for task completion, up to language-related questions prompting valuable short lessons.The quality of answers may widely vary as concerns pertinence, correctness and richness of supporting elements.Starting from the observation that some users focus only on specific categories, while others like to move across several ones, they map related categories, define an “entropy” of users’ interests and combine these attributes to predict the choice of best answers.Microcollaboration is investigated by Gazan [10], who shows how QA users sometimes engage in episodes of collaborative information seeking; this author spots social capital and affective factors as key elements apt at predicting the formation of such microcollaboration teams.

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Online social spaces have become increasingly popular in the past few years and are receiving the attention of researchers in the educational field as possible supports for formal learning or opportunities of informal learning [1,2,3,4].

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