Writing A Medical Research Paper Good Examples Of Argumentative Essays

Posted by / 15-Apr-2020 01:13

Literature searches should be at least 2 months current at the time of the paper submission.

Photocopy the articles and number in order of greatest relevance.

Writing scientific manuscripts can be unnecessarily daunting, if not paralyzing.

A research article has five sections: the abstract, introduction, methods, results, and discussion (Appendix 1).Put your sketchy outline in the middle of your desk.Find the references you marked for each particular section and stack them in four piles corresponding to the four sections of the manuscript.You should have a similar set of parameters in your own study. Use the papers as you would file cards, shuffling and reshuffling them as they become relevant to the writing of different sections.Outline these papers in the margins, identifying the topic of each paragraph. Devise a preliminary title and then a sketchy outline containing only main headings, guided by the outline you discerned in the template papers and the rules for section development given in the text that follows. Do not write sentences, but rather jot notes and phrases for the paragraphs of each section.

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