Write On Paper Minecraft

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Write On Paper Minecraft

I might give Paper a try, but makes me wonder if there will be compatibility issues, as most plugins seem to be built for Spigot these days. We work to fix any issue that arises, by either working with the plugin author, or working our changes to be supportive of the plugin, which ever makes the most sense.I feel like there is hate toward Spigot also (and the lead developer md5 also), which I do not understand.Just updating to note about 1.13: I estimate that the 1.13 update to be at least a 75% reduction in performance compared to 1.12 for baseline Craft Bukkit/Spigot.

I've been considering switching over recently but was worried about adding another waiting step to our version updates.

On top of that, our community for developers is leaps and bounds beyond Spigot.

We have a vibrant PR system with MANY developers contributing to Paper, with fast and friendly PR reviews, and most things that are quality end up merged.

Our version of the server is SIGNIFICANTLY faster by LARGE margins, exploits blocked, many bugs fixed including vanilla bugs that spigot hasn't fixed, as well as TONS of new Features and gameplay Mechanics that can be optionally configured. https://timings.- the /timings command in Spigot was created by me.

Paper (and Sponge plus other servers) have version 2 of the timings system, which offers a massive improvement to analyze what is lagging your server on demand.

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You can find out more at our documentation: https://gs Our Discord is at https://gs - You will find our support / discord chat much friendlier and full of experts.

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