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Namarong in his online blog stated that, “Political independence in its fullness finds itself in the way Political Power is exercised by the Citizens of a Nation State.In order for Citizens to exercise these powers, they must have greater political capital than any organization, institution or foreign influence.Let’s go back to the forgotten goals of the Constitution, which captured the traditional values which our Melanesian cultures are built on.If the current political system does not respect those values – or those of our Constitution – perhaps it is time to talk about a system that does”.More importantly, it captured the very own traditional diverse cultures, beliefs and values and identified proper and applicable mechanisms to promote them.“The five goals and directive principles are inscribed in the preamble of PNG’s Constitution.It is where the government exist to operate in the best interest and will of the indigenous citizens of a nation, rather than serving neither the interest of handful elites nor private and multinational organisations (Foreign investment).Serving such interest keeps our government under the control of foreigners in one way or the other, which in turn sees government neglecting its own people.

It was set as sense of direction and a guide for every PNG citizen, neither Big Men nor grassroots, regardless of our diverse cultures, to conform to in pursuing and achieving our aims.

Therefore, Political independence to me means that we should go back and fully grasp the entire eight (8) directive principles inscribed in our constitution under preambles for National Sovereignty and Self-Reliance and put them into tangible practices.

Furthermore, I believe that Political independence will be better experienced if our Political system is reformed on the basis of PNG values.

This would mean full political independence and free from imperialism or more preferably Western Model of Development.

“In talking about political reform, let’s not constrain ourselves to the box of the current Westminster system.

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It is pretty obvious here that, this model is not in the interest of PNG citizens and contradicts with our traditionally established values.

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