Why Do College Students Cheat Essay Thesis Objectives And Aims

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Why Do College Students Cheat Essay

These students have grown up in a culture where even the team that scores the least gets a trophy. When they believe they are going to fail (which nowadays is often anything less than an “A”), students will do whatever it takes to avoid it, because they don’t want to let others (often family) down.

Another reason for student cheating is being unprepared for college level work.

When she was asked why she did it, she stated that the author had said what she wanted to say much more eloquently.

She said she was afraid of changing it using her own words, as it could be an incorrect interpretation.

In recent months, cases of cheating, including large-scale cheating at elite colleges, have led to considerable turmoil.From politicians cheating, to corporate scandals such as Enron, to the steroid scandal in Major League Baseball, to the NFL’s “deflategate,” our students are surrounded by examples of dishonest acts.What’s worse, society seemingly rewards these individuals for their dishonest behaviors.College work is challenging, and some students underestimate how long it will take them.When they run out of time, they panic and take a shortcut.

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Over my many years addressing the issue of plagiarism, I have seen student after student who has written a research paper and not given proper attribution.