Why Did George Kill Lennie Essay Student Thesis Project

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Why Did George Kill Lennie Essay

He typically believes he “‘wasn’t doin’ nothing bad’ ” (Steinbeck 9) with the mice and he was “‘Jus’ strokin’ it’ ” (Steinbeck 9).

He cannot contain his anger and that often leads to an unrestrained use of his strength.

George’s decision to kill his best friend is to prevent a horrific and undeserved fate that awaits Lennie unless there is some intervention.

Lennie couldn’t take care of himself out there in the world alone.

Other people wanted to hurt Lennie, yet only to help Curley. Most people say that it wasn’t right to shoot Lennie, though. George is somewhat tired of him forgetting once and a while and getting into trouble, but ultimately he grew attached to him.

Most people say that it wasn’t right because of the reason that George was tired of Lennie doing stupid stuff. That is why he was hesitating to shoot him at the end.

Earlier on in the novella, Candy feels deep regret for not being the one to end his dog’s life and he tells George, “’I oughtta shot that dog myself…

I shouldn’t oughtta let no stranger shoot my dog’” (Steinbeck 61).

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Because Lennie never has the intention to kill anything, he can feel an immense amount of guilt and remorse as seen when he runs out of the barn crying, “‘I done a real bad thing…