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A kinetic product distribution could lead to mostly RCM products or may lead to oligomers and polymers, which are most often disfavored.With the advent of more reactive catalysts, equilibrium RCM is observed quite often which may lead to a greater product distribution.Due to the functional group tolerance of modern RCM reactions, the synthesis of structurally complex compounds containing a range of functional groups such as epoxides, ketones, alcohols, ethers, amines, amides, and many others can be achieved more easily than previous methods.Oxygen and nitrogen heterocycles dominate due to their abundance in natural products and pharmaceuticals.This process occurs via formation of a new alkylidene through one round of [2 2] cycloaddition and cycloreversion.Association and dissociation of a phosphine ligand also occurs in the case of Grubbs catalysts.

but also detailed the initial use of a novel ruthenium carbene complex for metathesis reactions, which later became a popular catalyst due to its extraordinary utility.The ruthenium catalysts are not sensitive to air and moisture, unlike the molybdenum catalysts.The ruthenium catalysts, known better as the Grubbs Catalysts, as well as molybdenum catalysts, or Schrock’s Catalysts, are still used today for many metathesis reactions, including RCM.Ring-closing metathesis, or RCM, is a widely used variation of olefin metathesis in organic chemistry for the synthesis of various unsaturated rings via the intramolecular metathesis of two terminal alkenes, which forms the cycloalkene as the E- or Z- isomers and volatile ethylene.Tsuji describes the olefin metathesis reaction as “…potentially useful in organic synthesis” and addresses the need for the development of a more versatile catalyst to tolerate various functional groups.

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This in part due to the steric clash between the substituents, which adopt a trans configuration as the most stable conformation in the metallacyclobutane intermediate, to form the E-isomer.

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