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For while reason is a universal instrument which can serve for all contingencies, these organs have need of some special adaptation for every particular action.

From this it follows that it is morally impossible that there should be sufficient diversity in any machine to allow it to act in all the events of life in the same way as our reason causes us to act. 116) Turing predicted that his test would be passed by 2000, but the fireworks across the globe at the start of the new millennium have long since died down, and the most articulate of computers still can’t meaningfully debate a sharp toddler.

LT was capable of proving elementary theorems in the propositional calculus.

paper of 1950, Alan Turing argues that the question “Can a machine think?

This suggestion has arguably been followed by Rodney Brooks and the philosopher Daniel Dennett (1994) in the Cog Project. the field, as in Nilsson’s (1998) position, expressed in his textbook for the field, that AI simply is the field devoted to building an artifact able to negotiate this test.

Energy supplied by the dream of engineering a computer that can pass TT, or by controversy surrounding claims that it has been passed, is if anything stronger than ever, and the reader has only to do an internet search via the string turing test passed to find up-to-the-minute attempts at reaching this dream, and attempts (sometimes made by philosophers) to debunk claims that some such attempt has succeeded.

In the present entry, the history of AI is briefly recounted, proposed definitions of the field are discussed, and an overview of the field is provided.” (and here Turing is talking about standard computing machines: machines capable of computing functions from the natural numbers (or pairs, triples, …thereof) to the natural numbers that a Turing machine or equivalent can handle) should be replaced with the question “Can a machine be linguistically indistinguishable from a human?If, on the strength of returned answers, the judge can do no better than 50/50 when delivering a verdict as to which room houses which player, we say that the computer in question has passed the TT.Passing in this sense operationalizes linguistic indistinguishability.

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(See Strzalkowski & Harabagiu (2006) for an overview of what QA, historically, has been as a field.) A bit more precisely, there is no agreement as to what underlying function, formally speaking, question-answering capability computes.