Waste Newspaper Buyers To Help Write A Book

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(It always feels better when you make it at home, whether “it” is a roast chicken or a globally traded commodity.) Nobody makes more of it than you do, because nobody buys more stuff than you do.

By the end of 2018, China’s National Sword policy, which banned plastics outright and placed strict standards on paper imports, brought that number down to 1 percent.Glass recycling is local but expensive, and its reuse had often been subsidized by paper and plastic, so with paper and plastic prices in freefall, glass disposal became more of a burden too. “Functioning may be a little optimistic,” says Analiese Smith, who runs the recycling program in Waukesha County outside Milwaukee.In October, Northeastern recyclers were sending just 54 percent of the bottles they collected to processors for reuse. “But we’re keeping the lights on.” Recycling was supposed to be, like the elimination of acid rain or the repair of the ozone layer, one of the few positive environmental legacies bequeathed by the boomers, the generation that otherwise did what it could to make the Earth uninhabitable for future generations.And so, it turned out, was recycled PET plastic, because for Chinese manufacturers of articles like teddy bears and blue jeans, polyester fibers made from old plastic bottles were a cost-effective replacement for cotton.Cotton was up; plastic was up; recycled PET prices went up.

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Like all commodities, its price reflects a staggering string of interconnected happenings.