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When the International Atomic Energy Agency analyzed the document upon which the dossier was based, however, the document itself was found to be a fabrication. Also according to this article the eradication of biological weapons in Iraq may be as important or more important to the people ... But no evidence has been published in support of that theory, but American experts say, and United Nations inspectors found ...

about in Britain, research and intelligence experts, also convinced that there are more germ warfare agents left in Iraq than previously ...

Showed first 250 characters Without a leader who is funding and encouraging terrorism, terrorist cells have been decentralized and fragmented thus rendering them less capable of staging dramatic, large-scale attacks.

The ensuing war between the United States and Iraq has been a topic of controversy for several years now.

If the two nations indeed exaggerated the threat of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, it would be even more reason for the international community to be apprehensive about Bush’s ”pre-emptive strike” doctrine.. that after such a war Britain would not be in the ... Saddam Hussein has "Weapons of Mass Destruction ...

, though it doesn't justify their act of violence, ... stating that Iraq must show proof that these weapons are destroyed.

Under the rules of just war, just cause is described as self defense against an attack in order to preserve innocent life, not pre-emptive strikes against possible dangers.

The conditions for having a just war include those which must be visible before a war can be declared (Jus Ad Bellum) as well as those that must be followed during a war (Jus In Bello).

Indeed, the Iraqi people are free of the tyranny of Saddam Hussein. The United States was justified in going to war with Mexico because ... the fact that these weapons of mass destruction will be if not ...

But the very fact that all these questions are being raised in the United States and Britain is proof that wars must never be waged without justification. Iraq Suspected of Secret War Effort." This article sort of scared me. evidence has been published in support of that theory, but American experts say, and United ... war on terrorism, namely the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, ...

If these characteristics are put up against the United States and their strikes on Iraq, there is absolutely no way that the just war theory could classify this war as being just.

The primary criterion for any war to be labeled as a just war is for that war to be declared for a just cause.

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But Britain’s Parliament has decided to conduct an inquiry into whether Blair was right in deciding to wage war.

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