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Uw Madison College Essay

I took tours with my parents and they too loved the school yet knew that it might be difficult to get into.I was attracted by the great notoriety that the school had, the big rah rah school spirit and it had a great education school which was the program i was interested in at the time.I started my college at a smaller university, UW La Crosse, but after just one year I knew it was just too small for me.I decided to transfer to UW Madison and have never regretted my decision.

I learned how to package my clothes air-tight, into zip-lock bags.Starting with the mundane makes her more credible when she moves on to the big lessons.Applying to schools back when i was a senior in high school was extremely stressful.My big goal for myself was to do just that; to get through it.But I came out of it, indeed, as no one who I could have foreseen.

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The one without the bathrooms, the mirrors, the showers.

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