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Uni Dissertation

In particular, the medium-scale irrigation scheme utilized less than 40% of total storage, whereas the small-scale scheme utilized about 70% of the storage.

The examination of field-level water management practices suggests that an application efficiency of 58–68% is achievable in both schemes by improving the irrigation scheduling of the major crops.

However, as predicted by the WEAP analysis, supplemental irrigation in the small-scale scheme could be possible only if the rise in water demand is counterbalanced by about 10% increase in the system efficiency and by setting limits on the cultivation of the water-intensive tomato crop in the dry season.

The unavailability of long-term historical data at present prevents the calibration and validation of the WEAP model in Ghana but the conducted scenario analysis sets the framework for further evaluation of the potential water scarcity adaptation options.

During the Disputation, the candidate is examined on the research presented in the dissertation as well as on other topics important to the candidate’s general field of research.

Prerequisite for being accepted as a doctoral student is the completion of one of the following university degrees, with above-average results: , or an equivalent university degree from a German or foreign university in Chinese Studies or a comparable field of studies.

The goal of pursuing doctoral training, which ultimately leads to the title of (Dr.), is to obtain the skills necessary to successfully carry out independent academic specialized research.

Over the course of the doctoral training, the results of the scholarly research carried out are documented in writing the doctoral .

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) : NDLTD aims to share knowledge worldwide by making international dissertations and theses available electronically.

This problem comes with a number of linguistic, philosophical and mathematical questions, which I addressed in my dissertation.

If you are looking for examples of past dissertations and theses to help with your work, we suggest that you contact your collaborative centre and ask if they keep past dissertations and theses.

This means among other that statements such as “natural languages are not context-free” or “natural languages are mildly context-sensitive” are meaningless in the sense that they cannot be falsified empirically – they can only be falsified if we a finite language into the infinite in a certain way.

This however turns out to be a highly non-trivial issue!

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