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Tutor2u Essay Competition

Competition makes firms offer their services and products at a lower price which will help the customer that is buying the service.

UK Competition policy was introduced so that firms can compete with each other enabling consumers to get the best goods and services from the competing market.

The monopoly supplier will produce lower output and higher price under monopoly than a competitive industry.

BAA is not sufficiently regulated due to the nature of the airport legal framework, which means that there are no statutory duties on BAA or no economic licence.

This essay discusses the UK competition policy in reference to perfect competition and monopolies.

It uses the principles of these two techniques to describe and argue the British Airport Authority (BAA) and Tesco PLC cases investigated by the competition commission.

This means that it makes it difficult for new competitors to break into a market; it reduces the risk of new competition for the companies that are already in the market.

Companies may lower their prices to an extent which would harm competitors to operate at a loss.

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In a monopolistic market, new firms have less opportunity to enter as the monopolies usually have higher prices, lower levels of quality of goods and set suppliers, making it difficult for firms to enter.

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