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Tsunami Research Papers

Doak Cox, Ralph Moberly, Augustine Furumoto were given additional funds by the State and by the National Academy of Engineering to investigate the 1964 tsunami.

Doak Cox hired graduate students to assist in this effort. He prepared wave refraction diagrams of the 1964 tsunami and, jointly with Gus Furumoto, wrote an HIG Report about the tsunami source. This report, one prepared by Doak Cox and another by Harold Loomis were included in the final volume of the National Academy of Science on the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964.

Finding the thinnest part of the earth's crust to drill the MOHOLE became one of the major research projects.

The Geology, Oceanography and Geophysics Departments came under the umbrella of HIG at that time.

On October 13 and 19, 1963, two Saturdays apart, the Honolulu Observatory (HO) of the U. Coast and Geodetic Survey (USCGS), issued tsunami warnings for earthquakes off Hokkaido, Japan.

In 1967 George Pararas-Carayannis went to work as oceanographer for the newly formed International Tsunami Information Center (ITIC), under the auspices of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO, but continued close cooperation on JTRE Group research – working with Doak Cox on the historical tsunami database and with Gaylord Miller on numerical modeling and tsunami travel time charts for the warning system.

He brought with him geophysicists, graduate students and the contracts he had with the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to continue his investigations of the MOHOLE project.

[HIG later evolved into HIGP, a branch of SOEST.] "MOHOLE", and in competition with the then Soviet Union, was the race to drill through the earth's crust to the mantle and determine its consistency and possibly determine the earth's and our solar system's evolution.

Additional Pacific- wide tsunamis that struck the Hawaiian Islands in 1952, 19, were investigated by the U. Doak Cox, then employed at the Sugar Planters Research Facility transferred to the University.

He was joined by Martin Vitousek, Rockne Johnson, Gordon Groney and others who had participated in the International Geophysical Year.

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The tsunami research team at that time included professors, researchers and graduate students who were already working at HIG or other University of Hawaii departments.