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Which topic do you know most about and find interesting?

Are there any hot topics that are bound to be a crowd pleaser?

With your think tank full of a range of ideas it is time now to brainstorm and document all your ideas no matter how wild or ridiculous any one of them may seem.

Documenting all your topic ideas is powerful in ensuring all possibilities have been considered.

If you like the article it will be great if you share it. ‘Speaking off the cuff’, ‘thinking on your feet’ or ‘being put on the spot’.

These are all phrases that refer to impromptu public speaking.

However, if you are struggling to make a nail biting decision, one recommendation is to draft a high level speech outline bullet point style for each of the short listed topics. I am the co-founder of the start up business Public Speaking for Life with Tarek Said.

When identifying the key points in the body of each speech outline, the topic that is the easiest and the quickest to craft is most likely the one you know most about and find the most interesting! I have a passion for public speaking and want to help you master it.

Common characteristics can include but are not limited to – age, gender, beliefs, seniority, education, hobbies, experience, ethnicity and employment. Bearing in mind the nature of the speaking event and your audience, what relevant topics are of personal interest to you?During this step the brainstorming is kicking in and the ideas are starting to bob up to the surface.Picking the right topic means it needs to be relevant. Has there has been an explosion of media on a particular topic that is of interest to both you and your audience?No matter what you call it, impromptu public speaking terrifies many people. For some people the idea puts them off trying any form of public speaking and for others who are comfortable with formal presentations often they still find the impromptu element, the unplanned and unrehearsed, extremely daunting.

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It can save embarrassment on stage and can really help narrow down your search for the right topic.

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