Toni Morrison The Bluest Eye Research Paper

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Then they go on to make their confrontation directly, stating “these three findings from the science of the mind are inconsistent with central parts of Western philosophy” (3).In Neal’s article on the Black Arts movement, he quotes part of a poem called “Black Art” by Leroi Jones (later Amiri Baraka), which underscores the visceral embodiment of the Black Arts movement and the Black aesthetic: Poems are bullshit unless they are teeth or trees or lemons piled on a step.Upon reading Toni Morrison’s novel,, what is most striking is the author’s technique and the improvisational nature of the text’s structure and form.Morrison, working from an embodied blues aesthetic, seems to adopt whatever perspective, point of view, or technique necessary to go where she needs to go in the narrative and to achieve complex and profound characterization.Right from the beginning of this text, Lakoff and Johnson confront these traditions, submitting three fundamental concepts of cognitive science: “The mind is inherently embodied.Thought is mostly unconscious, abstract concepts are largely metaphorical” (3).She employs many structural improvisations to tell this story, and in the end, the text is richer for it.

Then, I parse out the specific uses of metaphor as aspects of the text that display a tremendous reliance on the mind’s inherently metaphorical cognitive processes of creating an understanding of environment and social reality through constructions that are rooted in bodily, physical experiences.Only it was now the minute inadequacies of texts’ formal properties that were exposed.A kind of extreme philosophical relativism—a decentered reality—became vogue.Plato espoused that our language is a representation, but is not in direct correspondence to the world outside of our mind, the perfectly objective or transcendental realm of truth or beauty.Descartes, often considered the father of modern philosophical thought, espoused a mind-body dualism whereby the mind was entirely disembodied from the flesh, and attached to a transcendent realm.

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It is masterful that in a short novel Morrison is able to disassemble the western-centric worldview based on abstractions, and demonstrate the effective alternative of the Mac Teers’ embodied blues-oriented worldview. Blues Aesthetic, Jazz Structure, and Embodiment Larry Neal, a central black cultural theorist of the Black Arts movement, writes in a landmark essay: “The Black artist takes…that his primary duty is speak to the spiritual and cultural needs of Black people…these writers are re-evaluating western aesthetics, the traditional role of the writer, and the social function of art.

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  1. This paper will analyze the ways in which frames Morrison’s use of a blues aesthetic and jazz structure in terms of recent insights from cognitive psycholinguistics concerning the way the mind constructs an understanding of the world through the senses and language, largely working from the basis of the physical organization of the body and/or neurological structures and processes of the brain.