Thinking Reasoning And Problem Solving

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Design Thinking is concerned with solving problems through creativity.

Design Thinking employs divergent thinking as a way to ensure that many possible solutions are explored in the first instance, and then convergent thinking as a way to narrow these down to a final solution.

Focusing on the 38 organizations that adopt this kind of Design Thinking, on average, 65.5% of their annual revenues derive from providing advisory services based on the Creative Problem Solving approach.

This means that this kind of Design Thinking is not only particularly widespread, but it is also highly relevant in the portfolio of approaches adopted by service providers.

Computational thinking is not only essential to the development of computer programs, but can also be used to support problem solving across all disciplines.

You can teach CT to your students by getting them to break down complex problems into smaller ones, (decomposition), to recognize patterns (pattern recognition), to identify the relevant details for solving a problem (abstraction); or setting out the rules or instructions to follow in order to achieve a desired outcome (algorithm design).

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In this video, Miles Berry, Principal Lecturer at University of Roehampton School of Education at Guildford (United Kingdom), will introduce the concept of computational thinking and the different ways a teacher can integrate it in the classroom with simple games.

You can easily organize a lesson in your classroom, an open day, or an event at your school.

Just find a date and register your activity in the Code Week map.

The activities are designed to build success at every level.

Students become purposeful, active thinkers as they focus on one thinking strategy at a time.

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Undoubtedly this kind of Design Thinking is the dominant paradigm in the Design Studios category, to the point that 94% adopt the Creative Problem Solving approach.

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