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The database team has provided an excellent foundation, the content team has produced hundreds of the articles, and the teachers have generated inspired (and, more important, inspiring) ideas to encourage students to explore the K-Web. " A student embarks on a journey by navigating into the sphere, going back in time, and clicking on one ball, then following a connection to another ball, reading information, following interests, creating an individualized educational experience.In the Knowledge Web, everything is interrelated and interdependent..” We must e committed to taking our students as they are and shaping them into the people we need them to be. “The research base is clear: inquiry oriented classrooms cultivate motivation and engagement, deeper conceptual and strategic understanding, higher-level thinking, productive habits of mind, and positive attitudes toward future learning.” “Some people are naturals, but even they need to think about improving or adding to the techniques that come easily to them.The rest of us must work at it…” Terry Fadem Kids often lack experience using questioning to get information from people.1 – Identify desired results 2 – Determine acceptable evidence 3 – Plan learning experiences and instruction Thesis generator looks to be a great resource Extensions of inquiry: pushing student further in their own journey of self inquiry.Chapter 2 – Spirited Inquiry: Creating questions to access a challenging text “We don’t need students who are obedient – those who think as they are directed; that way of thinking will ensure our country’s decline and it’s intellectual ruin.” “…increasingly restless (students need)…The process of learning within these categories is like creating a giant outline, where main ideas are broken down into ever-smaller details, which in turn are subdivided into smaller and smaller units of information and ideas.

Unfortunately, most educational systems today still group information into neat little categories.

James Burke is a writer, a scientific historian, an educator, a media producer, and now he has become a futurist with a vision of how individuals can emulate the great inventors of the past to tackle the problems that plague us today.

In a world of expanding access to growingly vast quantities of information and ideas, Mr.

The programs are described by an editor for "This humorous and upbeat science series (shows) that history is filled with seemingly unrelated discoveries that are actually connected in the most surprising ways. Burke also shows us how this process of making connections in such powerful ways in the past can teach us how to approach education today and in the future.

Host James Burke continues to delight viewers as he explores the effects and origins of inventions and events that shape the modern world." From his examples we understand where there was cause and effect across cultures, how pieces of knowledge and information were stitched together across time and all boundaries. Burke explains how ideas add up and collide into equaling a "eureka! He wants teachers to be guides who encourage students to make their own journeys through the vast web of information that is our heritage. Burke is creating a powerful educational tool on the Internet called the Knowledge Web.

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They look at information and ideas from the past, as well as the present, from all disciplines and all walks of life.