Thesis Proposal Approval Form

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Thesis Proposal Approval Form

Complete and accurate addresses must be provided to ensure on-time delivery. If the University of Michigan is a subcontractor on a proposal being submitted by another organization, the "Direct Sponsor" is the organization from which we will receive the funds directly.Some agencies designate a delivery point that differs from their program offices. There is usually no recourse if a proposal is received by the sponsor after the submission deadline. The "Prime Sponsor" is the original source of funds. Smith at Wayne State University is applying for a research grant from NIH and plans to subcontract part of the work to Dr.Throughout that semester, students work closely with their Adviser and Instructor to draft an acceptable proposal.When the proposal has received approval from both the Thesis Proposal Seminar instructor (Gallatin reviewer) and the adviser, the student is allowed to move on to their thesis research.Students whose research involves human subjects, animals, biohazards, or radiation must have their research proposals approved by the appropriate compliance committee BEFORE beginning their research.The following document provides more information about the steps necessary to follow this mandatory approval process.The three steps of the approval process are outlined below.Approval of Graduate Thesis and Essay Proposals The approval process for the proposal for the Ph.

The sponsor is the agency or organization from which funds are being requested.

The PAF is a summary of information about the project that is used for internal review and approval and data management. Before being sent to the proposed sponsor (see Section 3.06 of the Bylaws of the Board of Regents), every grant or contract application must be submitted for prior approval through the appropriate University channels.

It contains proposal information that must be routed via the U-M e Research Proposal Management system and signed by university officials. The Proposal Approval Form (PAF), which is part of the e Research Proposal Management system, accompanies the proposal to record the appropriate signatures to indicate approval of the proposed project.

Doe at the University of Michigan, for our records, the Direct Sponsor is Wayne State University, and NIH should be indicated as the Prime Sponsor.

The Principal Investigator should be shown on the PAF as Dr. When a college or university is the direct sponsor with a prime sponsor, the ORSP Project Representative assigned to your department, who has responsibility for liaison with the Prime Sponsor (NIH in this example), will handle the processing of the proposal.

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Provide information about sponsor deadline, exact address, and contact information.