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Picking mushrooms in autumn is a nice recreational activity for many Finnish people (and for me too). Maybe they are created by the Nature for the purpose to see them and make pictures =) They are all different [...] Every autumn there are number of events and festivals dedicated to the beginning of a new academic year.

This is the Saimaa sunset festival from last year: live music, live bands, night show and after-party in the student union building.

In Finland there is an organization called Open University.

it’s an [...] The traditional Finnish cuisine includes different mushroom sauces.

Finland’s Independence Day is on 6th and Kazakhstan’s Independence Day is on 16th of December.

Finland got its independency from Russia in 1917, while Kazakhstan got its independency from Soviet Union in [...] Life must be diverse.

[...] Finland has a strong animal protection system.

Even though there are many homeless cats (I’m not sure about dogs but maybe too! Homeless animals are kept in foster homes until a new owner is found who can then adopt them.

The lecture was held by the professor Karl-Erik Michelsen.

In so doing, education and work don’t necessarily bring us joy and fulfilment nor fill our lives with a sense [...] My first scientific supervisor professor Karl-Erik Michelsen received a title of the professor of the year in Finland in the beginning of this year.

I’m very happy for that and I’m proud to be his doctoral student.

It requires a lot of effort to learn the business and to own it.

Finnish universities have their own entrepreneurship societies where students can discuss and exchange their business ideas, receive help, [...] Why study Finnish language?

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When I was a Master student I attended his lectures in the course [...] Hello dear readers!

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