Thesis On Protein Purification

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Thesis On Protein Purification

The amount of protein adsorption to the materials was determined by the sugar density and the composition of the glycomonoliths.Fundamental knowledge regarding the glycomonoliths for protein separation was obtained.All the models, especially the Langmuir MPM model, fit the experimental profiles at low column load very well.

A fundamental and quantitative understanding of the underlying mechanisms assists to evaluate chances and challenges in non-linear chromatography.Read more about how proteins are artificially produced and purified.The platform "Recombinant Protein Expression" is organized as a research group and works on the production of ultraclean proteins as a basis for subsequent high-resolution analysis of their molecular structure.The models were calibrated against two kind of experiments, multi-component gradient experiments at low column load and single-component gradient experiments at high column load.The models were also validated against a multi-component validation experiment.

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The porous structure was induced by a porogenic alcohol.

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