Thesis Of The French Revolution

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Thesis Of The French Revolution

“ Nor have we settled in our minds the difference between disturbance and revolution.” Paris workers based this symbol of the Revolution on sadistic acts, again illustrating the violence that would consistently be exhibited throughout the duration of the Revolution, once again supporting Furet’s argument. Read Article »The British Empire of the nineteenth century displayed and embodied racism in its composite.Before the Bastille the Réveillon riots were cited as chaotic, so violent acts were not unexpected, yet the volume of violence was increasing as the Revolution progressed. In embodying this idea of racial inequality, the Empire created grounds on which it could justify the imperialist actions that it executed throughout the...The French also saw how the Americans overthrew an absolute monarch and obtained freedom (Krieger 484).The fourth underlying cause was the writings and teachings of several well known philosophes.The third underlying cause was the American Revolution.The French had incurred an enormous debt by helping the Americans.Causes of the French Revolution On July 14, 1789, several starving working people of Paris and sixty soldiers seized control of the Bastille, forever changing the course of French history.The seizing of the Bastille wasn’t caused by one event, but several underlying causes such as the Old Regime, the raising of taxes, the American revolution, and the idea and beliefs of the philosophes.

The first chapter will consider the nature of Enlightenment musical aesthetics, its foundations in Classical conceptions of music, and its path to the Revolution.

Many people took up ideas from philosophes such as John Locke, who advocated freedom from oppression (Krieger 461).

An immediate cause of the French Revolution was the rising price of bread.

It is the contention of this thesis that this ‘rupture’ had in fact been a long time developing, and that the germ of this process was sown in the philosophie of the previous decades.

In essence, I assert that to understand the Revolutionaries’ ambitions for music which treated music as a pedagogical tool, it is imperative to evaluate their basis in Enlightenment musical aesthetics.

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He discussed the peasant riots and draws constant comparisons to the British, illustrating his belief in their stable political system thus illustrating how unstable the Parisians themselves were becoming. Representing the work of students from hundreds of institutions around the globe, On February 14th, 1965, just one week before he was assassinated, Malcolm X delivered a speech in Detroit.