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Thesis Of English Education Department

Levels of distinction are based on the quality of the completed work.Students who have done satisfactory work in the seminar or independent study but whose theses are denied distinction will simply receive graded credit for their seminars and/or independent studies.Independent Study Numbers for Thesis: Eligible students must have completed (no later than the beginning of their senior year) at least five 200-level English courses (old 100 level) and must have a GPA of at least 3.5 in English courses.Eligible students must submit: Applications must be submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Studies Offices (303AA).Students who demonstrate excellence in their major area of study may qualify for admission to the department’s or programs honors program.By successfully completing a senior honors thesis/project, the candidate will graduate with distinction in the major.Seniors who have shown promise in a semester of 395 may, with the approval of the director of the project, continue the independent work for an additional 4 credits, with a view toward writing a thesis to be submitted for honors. Eligible students interested in senior independent study should discuss their project with potential faculty advisors, whenever possible, before the end of their junior year.Following such discussion, they should submit the Application Form to the department. With the advisor’s permission, the student registers for 4 credits of independent study (ENGL 395) in the first semester of their senior year. During the first two weeks of classes, the student should meet with their advisor to discuss their expectations and to set a meeting schedule.

You must apply for approval to register for independent study.You should first get your instructor's permission, and arrange to do extra reading and writing assignments for the class that translate the course work into the terms of your thesis.The home seminar option is only available the first semester you are working on your distinction project. Students must complete 11 total courses to graduate with distinction in the major instead of the standard 10.Customarily they are not involved until the thesis is submitted, but at times may be asked to consider the work before it is completed. A complete first draft of the thesis should be submitted to the advisor at least a month before the college-wide deadline near the end of classes. Within ten days the advisor will return the draft with comments and determine whether it may be submitted for honors consideration or remain independent work. Together the student and advisor need to schedule the thesis examination, consulting with the other committee members to set a date at least twelve days before Commencement.Once the date and time are agreed upon, the advisor and student ask the Department administrator to reserve a room for the examination.

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If so, the student registers again for 4 credits of independent study (ENGL 395) for the second semester senior year.

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