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Thesis Implementation

If you discuss the technical foundations in too much detail or length or use long-winded explanations for simple things, most readers will find your thesis boring to read.

On the other hand, descriptions that are too brief leave the impression of being incomplete.

Gnther Blaschek also available in German first German version: April 28, 1997 first English version: May 5, 2015 last version: September 30, 2015 These guidelines mostly refer to master theses, but they also apply to bachelor theses (except that the latter are typically shorter) For most students, the master thesis is the first larger written work.

These guidelines should provide some assistance during writing of the master thesis.

If an approach did not work out, you may still want to document it, explain why it did not work as expected, and which alternative route you eventually took.

Such "lessions learned" can be more helpful for readers than a smooth story that pretends that everything worked exactly as initially planned.

Instead of trying to fill as many pages as possible, rather try to cover the relevant aspects in as few pages as possible.

The extent of the work is typically smaller, which means that less documentation is required.

If that is the case, the thesis will require a different structure, which means that some of the recommendations will not be applicable.

A bachelor thesis is basically a "small master thesis".

It is also a good idea to note a few rhetorical questions that you want to answer in the corresponding chapter.

Put yourself in the shoes of the reader and try to anticipate questions he might ask.

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The target audience of the master thesis are other computer scientists, who are familiar with the foundations of software development.

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