Thesis Binding Requirements Coursework Other Than A-G Pe

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Thesis Binding Requirements

Universities increasingly require electronic documents for official submissions, but most still offer binding options, for personal or departmental copies, as well as for the campus library.

To bind the dissertation, first print it properly on high-quality paper, then consult your university’s guidelines.

8/2010 – The Dean's Measures Regulating the Submission and Publication of Theses and their amendments contained in Dean's Directive No. It is advisable to apply for the assignment of your master thesis at the beginning of your third year of study.

1/2015 – Formal Aspects of a Thesis, Dean's Directive No.Besides timely application, students must meet all the conditions prescribed by the study plan of a particular study branch (such as the number of credits and completion of all obligatory courses) to participate in the defence (as well as other parts of the state final examination).Because a dissertation represents a significant scholarly achievement, you'll want to preserve it.The basic guidelines are as follows: The thesis defence is part of the state final examination.The examination normally takes place three times during the academic year, i.e., at regular dates in spring (June), autumn (September) and winter (January - February).

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