Thesis About Database Management Art Education Dissertation

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Thesis About Database Management

For these reasons, the DBA should possess strong knowledge of troubleshooting methods and tools to ensure smooth and efficient handling of the database.Work conditions for a DBA DBAs work in an office or a lab, and they work for 40 hours a week mostly, but, sometimes, they may work in the evenings or during the weekends so as to meet deadlines. Labor department statistic held in 2010, average yearly wages of database administrators were ,490 in 2010; the highest payments were around 5, 660, while the lowest - around , 570 a year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010).The developers can easily install My SQL without dealing with complex configurations.At the same time, they can use a number of third-party tools to implement the database according to their requirements.Why Many Enterprise Customers Prefer My SQL to Other Databases?

The DBA must plan the storage requirements and monitor disk space availability.

The DBA should keep a tab on growth trends so that the DBA can advise the management on long-term plans.

Performance monitoring and tuning The DBA should monitor the database for any issues such as slowing down of database processes and correct these issues when they occur.

In the event of a database crash, the DBA should ensure quick use of backup files to bring the database back to operational status without loss of data.

Databases may fail due to several reasons, and it is up to the DBA to develop a strategy to recover databases in the event of database failure.

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The DBA should use the best monitoring tools to monitor all these activities and tune these activities just in case if a database slows down.