Theory Thesis Writing Essay On Open Source Software

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Theory Thesis Writing

Most of the "underlying theory" discussion should be more or less contained in the chapter on state of the art anyway.There detailed discussion of what has been done, were it fell short or left problems open is the bread and butter, and will be spiked with copious references.Keep in mind that your audience is mostly people in your field (generally), they should be familiar with the area.Just cite (the best/a few) reference(s), give the result you need (for benefit of somebody from outside the field stumbling on your thesis, or as a reminder to others), and move on.At the end of the day, though, you don't need to worry too much about this.As long as you cite sources clearly, I don't think anyone's going to complain that your description of the standard material looks a lot like other peoples' descriptions of the same thing, especially if it's not word-for-word the same.

Yet the format of a thesis has not changed in centuries - and perhaps that's a good thing :) David Richerby's answer is a good one.

A large-ish part (5-10 pages, estimated) will be setting the scene with some theoretical tools that I am using but did not invent.

These tools will eventually be used as the basis for analysing data.

So the idea of doing science as a profession also wasn't really anything like it is these days.

So why do you feel like you are plagiarising the work of others when setting the scene in your Ph D thesis?

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I will say the word so you don't have to think it: plagiarism.