Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis Essay Essay On Bible

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis Essay

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Each of the three themes are ultimately about what goes on in different kinds of relationships between people. There is inequality among races, as the black citizens work to overcome a white dominant culture.

Even within the black community, people with lighter skin or 'Caucasian hair' are considered to be of higher position.

But in addition to racial inequality, Janie also faces gender inequality.

Nanny, Janie's grandmother, explains, 'Honey, de white man is de ruler of everything as fur as Ah been able tuh find out.

My resistance to dialogue (encouraged by Nabokov, whom I idolized) struggled and then tumbled before Hurstons ear for black colloquial speech. So goes Janies grandmothers famous line-it hurt my pride to read it.

Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed.'Listen, Jody, you ain't de Jody ah run off down de road wid. Ah run off tuh keep house wid you in uh wonderful way. Janie says, 'Tain't dat Ah worries over Joe's death, Pheoby.Ah jus' loves dis freedom.' After Joe's death, Janie spends some time thinking about love and what she calls 'mislove.' She decides that when her Nanny tried to control her by making her marry her first husband, Logan Killicks, Nanny wasn't loving her. Because all of the people who claimed to love her oppressed her, Janie decides that she doesn't really want to jump into another relationship, until she meets Tea Cake.Using his power and control, he molds Janie into being the perfect mayor's wife by making her look a certain way and hold herself apart from others.As he builds his dream, he either doesn't notice or doesn't care that he is suppressing Janie's. Mah own mind had tuh be squeezed and crowded out tuh make room for yours in me.' Joe gets what he wants out of life, but after his death, rather than mourning, his wife of 20 years feels relieved.

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