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The Holy Family Essay Gore Vidal

Vidal always said that the book affected the reviews he received from major publications, notably The New York Times, for his later books.“He may have been right,” The New York Times itself accepted yesterday.His closest relationship in the family was with his blind maternal grandfather, Senator Thomas Gore of Oklahoma.Gore Vidal (who dropped his first names at school) had his first exposure to Washington when, as a child, he guided his blind grandfather around town and read him the Congressional Record.Indeed, Vidal combined the two worlds in his own life, spending much of his adult life in Italy, surveying the Aventine Hill from his flat in Rome, while writing about America.His literary output was prodigious: collections of observant, witty, often vitriolic stories and essays, as well as plays, screenplays and more than 20 novels, including the seven-book saga running from the American Revolution to the Korean War known as the Narrative of Empire series.And for every social ailment, once diagnosed, Vidal had a simple remedy: “I am at heart a propagandist, a tremendous hater, a tiresome nag, complacently positive that there is no human problem which cannot be solved if people would simply do as I advise.” The breadth of his learning was impressive.Though he never attended university, his wide reading showed in the allusions to the ancient world that peppered his novels on Washington, and in the parallels he liked to draw between political life in Classical times and in modern America.

Little as he found to admire in many aspects of its life, the United States became Gore Vidal’s subject.Years later Vidal wrote: “I wanted to take risks, to try something no American had done before.I decided to examine the homosexual underworld (which I knew rather less well than I pretended) and in the process show the 'naturalness’ of homosexual relations.” Published two years after Iwo Jima, the book was dedicated “to JT”.There were few subjects for which he could not muster a bon mot, memorably dismissive phrase or cutting aside.Chat show hosts knew they could rely on him to be entertaining about almost anything – history, politics, art, journalism, theatre, sex, morals or celebrity.

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