The Geography Of The Imagination Forty Essays

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They were not, however, much of a mirror for my young black female self.

I left Canada at age twenty-one not because of political persecution but because I was unhappy and could only envision a better future for myself somewhere else. The door out of which Africans were captured, loaded onto ships heading for the New World. I grew up in a former British colony, dreaming of magical wardrobes and secret gardens. It is a door which makes the word door impossible and dangerous, cunning and disagreeable.—Dionne Brand, A Map to the Door of No Return I am an immigrant.(There is a common misperception that mixed-race people exist solely for the purpose of bridging the racial divide.) I am an educator, so I do have a professional obligation to teach others to respect and value difference.As a writer, however, I have a somewhat different mission.

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Looking back on those days now, I marvel at the girl I once was.