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While grammar checkers are getting better all of the time, they still cannot catch every little mistake, which is why it is so important to know grammar rules.

is not only good for learning better essay-writing skills-- it can be used for any kind of writing, any class, at any grade level.

Does all this imply the end of literary travel writing?

Hopefully not, but in the age of globalization, the world has be-come more accessible and undeniably more “connected,” at least in technological terms.

This is great since most essays are for these types of classes.

Liebman states that the book can help students write an essay for any class, but that it specializes in helping students write English and history essays.

Reading books on essay writing can help students study essay tips on their own time.

This is a great way for students to improve their writing outside of school.

Planning a trip to an exotic destination that has yet to be tainted by tourism? The widespread use of blogs, social-networking sites, webcams and cell phones places just about every corner of the planet at our fingertips.

Suddenly, anyone with a computer can be a travel writer and any day spent far from home can be instantly shared with “friends” you’ll never see.

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Cite Right suggests, this book covers how to cite sources in MLA, APA, Chicago (some of the most popular citation styles for both high school and college students) and more.

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