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These researchers are all from academia, and an Internet search reveals that James M. Like a chapter outline, the abstract gives you a general idea of what's coming and makes it easier for you to fill in the details later.Cook is a professor who runs a lab focusing on parasitism and mutualism. Try translating the abstract line by line into plain English. Try it now: Mouse over each sentence in the abstract to see it translated!Scientific journal articles can be daunting with their technical jargon, footnotes, and statistics.However, understanding one is not an impossible task.The first author is the scientist that performed most of the work and orchestrated the completion of the manuscript.A footnote will usually indicate which author to contact regarding the paper.Click the tabs on the left to find out more about the components of this journal article, or download the journal article (PDF) and reading guide (PDF or Word document). It's worth looking up parts of the title that you don't understand. A mutualism is a relationship that benefits both parties involved.So this paper is about how a parasite helps keep balance in the mutually beneficial relationship between figs and pollinators. What sort of a relationship do figs and their pollinators have?

If there is something in the introduction that you don't understand, you can look up the reference associated with that idea to find out more.

Basically, fig fruit contain many ovules (which may end up producing a seed or may become the home for a wasp larva).

Pollinating wasps preferentially lay their eggs in ovules near the center of the fruit — and several hypotheses have been proposed that might explain why they do this.

If the paper doesn't explain it soon, you'll need to look that up as well.

The order of authors usually reflects the distribution of the workload.

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In the article below, weve annotated basic parts of a scientific paper in evolutionary biology to give you an idea of how to extract the important information.

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