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Technology In Journalism Essay

A question like this cannot be answered straightforward but must instead be explored.

While the report will focus on what has already occurred, it will also look to the future and will consider whether public opinions of the mainstream media have helped spawn and accelerate the birth of the social media revolution.

Despite this, the Pew survey showed most respondents still think watchdog journalism is critically important (“Public” 10-11).

The poll also monitored consumers’ most-used news medium, finding audiences tend to obtain national and international news from TV and the Internet (“Public” 4).

He explains social media is about listening as well as interacting with others (Lewis).

Another blogger, Vadim Lavrusik, described the change from one-way communication to a community affair and how the change will assist journalists.

Many traditional and non-traditional media outlets report and comment on how the Internet and social media, especially social networking, have begun to seriously affect news organizations and how they operate.

Although newspapers currently face a crisis on how to make the news profitable in the digital age, that isn’t this report’s main focus.

The report will respond to one simple, yet rather complex, question: What impact has social media had on news organizations?

How papers will make money has been talked to death.

So, instead, this report will focus on how social media, especially social networking sites like Twitter, has begun to affect the news organizations and changed — for better or worse — how journalists perform their jobs every day.

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press conducted a survey in which it found, overall, respondents have less confidence that news organizations strive to report accurate, politically unbiased news than they had a few decades ago.

In fact, the public’s confidence has reached its lowest level in more than two decades (“Public” 2).

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Journalists aren’t the only ones who benefit from news organizations’ increased presence on social media.