Team Dynamics Essays

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Team Dynamics Essays

CONTENTS Electron is a small English telecommunications components manufacturing company established in 1997.To cope with the increasing competition in the market, Electron has restructured manufacturing department into 8 teams.The report has conducted a case study on a manufacturing company – Electron.The author seeks to analyze and evaluate a number of team issues in Electron with support of relevant theories and models.The team are working toward a common goal instead of compete with each other.Structure refers to the ways in which teams defines themselves, which includes disciplines, roles, team mission, values, goals at both team and larger organizational levels (Heinemann & Zeiss, 2002).After the Storming stage, they are gradually coming to Norming period. A tentative balance is forming between two competitive powers.With their efforts, team members can gradually understand the thoughts and the objective of the team, build up their common vision and tacit understanding during their interaction. They start working to improve the whole team’s effectiveness, for example, team member shall be willing to do whatever it took for the team to be successful.

They have a consensus that people should have team meeting every two weeks to share information and resolve team problems; they shall work at a board once a time to reduce chance of error, etc.

Norms are practice of values, which represent how the team members can behave in accordance with their shared values.

Thinking about what one ought to do is thinking about a value.

The main body of the report consists of four sections.

The first section will critically analyze the team dynamics and formation of Electron with the relevant theories and concepts on team norms, team development, team context, structure and team cohesion; the second section will access the impacts of team size, social loafing and emotional on team performance; in the next section of the report, based on above analysis, the author tries to generate feasible recommendation for Electron to improve its team effectiveness and performance, which will also required on necessary changes on leadership and management style in final section.

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An Electron team consists of 10 team members, with some on temporary contracts, whilst others are full-time employees.