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Teach Problem Solving Skills

I explained her that it’s because Feb has 29 days in leap year which occurs once in every four years. She filled 2013 (using calendar this time since pattern changed) and we looked for pattern.

For Jan and Feb the index got incremented by 2, but Mar to Dec is went back to old pattern of increment by 1. We could have skipped the research work and simply asked her to fill the calendar book by looking at the real calendar or using voice assistant.

– Often when we encounter a problem, we feel frustrated or angry. If the solution does not solve the problem, you can try one of the other solutions you came up with. Ask the children to identify how they felt or how they might feel if this problem happened to them. Practice ways to calm down, like taking three deep breaths. For example: “I want to use the red crayon,” instead of, “they won’t share the red crayon.” Step 3: Come up with Solutions. Role playing the solutions can help children understand the possible consequences. There are different ways to calm down; we could take a break, take three deep breaths, use "milkshake breathing". – We need to know what the problem is before we can solve it. Remember this problem belongs to you, not other people. In the beginning, you may need to help them with solutions. The focus at this step is just to generate as many solutions as possible, not to evaluate solutions. Ask children to think what would happen next if they chose a solution. Step Three: Come up with Solutions – It is helpful to think of as many different solutions to the problem as possible. A solution might work one time but not another time. But after that students are given scary formulas to calculate Area of circle, Area cylinder, Volume of Sphere and what not? I wish this creative idea was taught when I was in school.This is a fundamental principle of approximation algorithms used to solve hard problems in computer science and operations research.

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But, My goal is not to teach her this cool trick of making 10 year calendar with 9 pages, but the process of solving this problem so that she can apply it to other problems.

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