Tattoo Business Plan

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However, there is no recommended period of study for cosmetic piercing training, and LA [local authority] enforcement officers may have to rely on discussion with newly trained people to establish their competence during work activities.”“At this time there are no nationally approved training courses available for UK body piercers, although many commercially run courses are available.It is recommended that basic first aid training and infection control guidance be provided as part of any cosmetic piercing training course.”You want to express your creative flair and cash in on the trend for inking?It’s likely that your local Environmental Health Officer will inspect your premises.They will check that your premises meet health and safety requirements before granting your licence.If so, starting your tattoo shop could be perfect for you.

Apprenticeships are in hot demand and can require a significant investment in time and money.

Consider things like if it is in an area with a high footfall to increase your number of walk-ins If you think you’ve found the perfect spot to open your new tattoo shop, score it against this list of essentials: You may have an artistic flair.

But to run a successful tattoo business, you need specialist equipment.

Alternatively, talk to a specialist independent insurance broker, which will source the best price on your behalf.

If you’re new to running your tattoo shop, using an experienced insurance broker can give you a real advantage.

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Without the correct documentation, you can be prosecuted under health and safety law and face fines or even a jail sentence.

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