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[tags: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Luck, Superstition] - Salvation: The New Superstition Does anyone ever remember the first time someone said the silly childhood saying” Knock on wood.” Or even felt the infamous scare of when a black cat crosses their path because it was said to cause bad luck.

These things are cultural superstitions that are normally used when trying to define why the most outlandish things happen to someone during their day.

Furthermore, in our enlightened age almost impossible to find a person who has absolutely no faith in these or other signs. [tags: Luck, Superstition, Religious belief, Bless you] - Superstition in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Look inside any teenage girl magazine and one will find a page dedicated to horoscopes.Like both of these felines, the narrator is half-blind, committing horrid acts but being unable to clearly see what has happened.As the tale unfolds, the language he uses connotes feral characteristics, as when he tells us of his "rabid" desire to make conversation with the police, or says that he frequented "vile haunts." By the tale's conclusion, we know that rather than being a victim of a hellish beast, the narrator is himself the real beast.- Very Superstitious From as far back as 700 BC to present day, superstition lives on through ancient myths and legends.Dating back to the Roman and Greek Empires, the common culture and way of life was greatly based off of superstitious reasons.

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He says, for example, that his purpose is to relate the events of his crime, which he characterizes as "a series of mere household events," "plainly, succinctly, and without comment." But he nonetheless immediately digresses by talking about the superstitious association between black cats and witches, which he mentions "for no better reason than that it happens, just now, to be remembered." Later on, he claims that he is "above" attempting to discern a sequence of cause and effect behind the appearance of the dead Pluto's image on the charred wall, but in the very next paragraph, he advances a speculative theory of how this occurred.