Strategic Management Swot Analysis Case Study

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Strategic Management Swot Analysis Case Study

Thus, the opportunities shown in this area of the SWOT analysis of Microsoft indicates the need for diversification and product improvement.

The threats or external strategic factors that reduce or compromise business are considered in this area of the SWOT Analysis model.

For instance, the company can establish an alliance with a hardware manufacturer to create hardware products that use Windows OS.

Thus, the strengths in this area of the SWOT analysis of Microsoft show that the organization has strong foundations to compete against other large firms in the global industry.

Microsoft’s strategies must address the following threats against its computer hardware and software business: Cybercrime remains one of the major threats against computer technology businesses.

For example, Microsoft can diversify through new business development or mergers and acquisitions to establish operations in new markets or industries.Through these approaches, the company can achieve long-term growth in the computer hardware and software market.Microsoft must maintain effective responses to address the factors shown in this SWOT analysis.At present, the company’s hardware products are not as competitively strong as the products from other firms in the computer hardware market.Also, Microsoft has opportunities to improve the attractiveness of its products through continuous improvement of their security features.

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