Strategic Change Management Assignment

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Strategic Change Management Assignment

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Draw on the evidence from the previous two sections to show that your recommendations are not generic, but are specific to your organisation. What structural and cultural changes will be needed?

The likely outcomes if the changes are not made could include an analysis of the implications for the whole organisation, and wider stakeholders. Other models you could use include culture models such as Handy and Johnson & Scholes.

Section 2 The Process of Change Use stakeholder analysis (known stakeholders wherever possible) This could include Lewin’s Forcefield analysis, Johnson & Scholes Stakeholder Mapping models, or both. Consider the existing culture, whether the change will require a change, and relate this back to stakeholders. What you are identifying in this section is aspects of the organisation that will be helpful towards making the change happen, and those which are incompatible with it.

The type of environment (benign or turbulent) and the type of organisation will dictate what type of change is likely.

There is a four box (Balogun) model for this in the Study Pack which considers internal and external drivers for change, and the speed of change required.

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You should explain the likely attitudes of each stakeholder and assess the implications for the management of the change. Section 3 Planning for Change This section should present a clear plan for managing the future change in your organisation. Start by briefly stating the precise change that is needed, and the main obstacles that you identified in Section 2 In the plan, you need to choose an approach to managing the change, and justify it.