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Event planners design and coordinate business and social events such as business openings, weddings and birthdays.

People use the services of event planners because special events can be too logistically complex to plan on their own.

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Working for an established business will also help you determine whether you will enjoy working in the field in the long-run.

The median annual salary for event planners was £26,107 in 2018, according to an informal study.

I’m frequently asked for advice on how to start an event planning business.

Have the skills and certifications needed to start an event planning business? Follow these steps on how to start an event planning business: Manasa Reddigari is a freelance technical writer and small business owner whose insights have appeared in diverse digital publications.

She has a passion for leveraging technology to reveal simple solutions for everyday business finance complexities.

The person best positioned to succeed in this business will have experience as an in-house event planner.

But being a party planner for your office or homeowner’s association can also go a long way in building your skills.

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