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Posted by / 04-Nov-2020 11:51

Sober Recovery Essay

I like to keep an open mind, and I thought this essay was so good that it’s worth giving the Steppers another think. In the thirty-four years since I cleaned up, paths to sobriety have proliferated in tandem with rates of addiction.

It took me about a year to write five blogs total, and yet it felt like one of the most significant things I had ever done; my biggest treasure.For everyone else, it mostly comes down to white knuckling it or AA.But in recent years 12-step programs have been attacked on many fronts, charged with being too religious, dogmatic, disempowering, cultish.In February 2014, I wrote a piece that ended up going “viral” in my own circles; overnight every person in my life read about the depths of my sickness, my recovery, my addiction, and overnight I understood that I had no real choice but to start building out Tempest and Tempest Sobriety School.The validation started to trickle in; when I set up a new blog (THIS BLOG) in late 2014 and debuted a company called Hip Sobriety, a lot of people started reading my work.

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