Skate Park Business Plan

Posted by / 29-Apr-2020 13:26

So if it slows down a bit at the start of the school year, Ramp UP.

The majority of SKATEboarding Business readers come from within the skate industry and have a genuine love for the sport.

Without question this is an expensive and difficult business to establish in terms of planning, research, and financing.

However, the potential profits that can be earned justify the effort.

We have recently arrived at a point where virtually everyone from the skate mom to the gang at league bowling has begun to wonder whether finding an empty building, throwing down a few ramps, and charging for a session is their key to financial success. An e-mail I received this morning emphasizes my point perfectly: “I’m an investor with a love for flying teenagers and providing things for kids to do besides drugs. Logic such as this tends to be based upon the assumption that the success of free public skateparks is an indicator of the potential success of a private facility.Staging your build is a good idea, having all the needed supplied and workers can speed up the remodel.Doing other things like review, summer review, staff training, and vacationing is all a healthy part of running a business.If you see a time in your schedule where you will disrupt the fewest number of people, you can use that as a guide for when you should be planning your events and remodels.If you are newer, and need to see what happens at this time of year, keep track of when your numbers dip over according to the school and town calendar.

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In turn, young skaters are much better prepared to handle themselves when they get to a free public facility. The bureaucratic red tape is negligent by comparison, and private facilities are already secure, fenced, and have the infrastructure in place to handle events without a major change in protocol.

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