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Silas Marner Essays

Godfrey, a character who is very selfish in the beginning of the Callahan, Thomsen 3 novel goes through a rebirth.

He realizes his faults and confesses to Silas and the rest of the town, attempting to compensate for his neglect and rejection of Eppie and Molly.

These characteristics are not limiting and do not hinder the development of a character.

Dunstan Cass is a character that the reader finds From the outside, the reader is let in on a dark secret of Godfrey’s.

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He feels regret and guilt as he reflects on his past decisions.

He does not let his true feelings of regret toward leaving his child show because his reputation would be radically diminished.

Silas, in the opening pages, is an innocent, albeit naïve, God-fearing Christian.

In George Eliot’s Silas Marner, the reader is introduced to a number of characters that possess the elements of selfishness.

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