Should Cellphones Be Allowed In School Essay Percent Problem Solving

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Every person from toddlers to the elderly own and operate them for different reasons such as games, communicating, entertainment, and learning.Their increased use has extended to schools where numerous efforts have been implemented to fight their use.On the other hand, school authorities often feel that cell phones disrupt learning, and should hence, be banned.

Cell phone use at school allows parents to be informed of their children’s whereabouts by utilizing tracking applications to pinpoint their children’s location.

For instance, the calculator application found in every cell phone is vital for counting and completing assignments.

Applications such as stopwatches and timers are efficient in science classes for conducting experiments and in sporting activities where timekeeping is necessary.

After debating on the topic, one can conclude that if we see from the point of view of kids' safety, they indeed are a necessity in today's unpredictable times.

At the same time, their usage can create a nuisance in class and school.

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Moreover, teachers can utilize them as a teaching aid by promoting communication with children with disabilities and eliciting interactive learning through learning platforms.

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