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At some point, I hope to build a life with somebody else I can call my long-term partner.

Before I do that, though, I want to be comfortable with . Perhaps by carving out my own path, new doors will open, too.

When the reasons to make a change are not so drastic and critical, I found myself lingering in this limbo-type space neither in complacency nor urgency.

But as I’ve landed on more steady ground this year, I finally have the capacity to create some headspace for this move.

I want to force myself to learn: what is it like to be and feel okay on a regular basis with myself and only myself?

Making important life decisions requires what is on the horizon to be “good enough” to make the leap to the other side.

But is that “gap” between the old and the new big enough?

Will living alone help me confront my reluctance to face new situations?

Will it let me muster the courage to live a life without clutching onto people when I don’t want to do things myself?

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A part of me agreed and welcomed the offer — because I felt comforted knowing that he’d be there too in a strange, foreign country. I knew my sister would be next to me, lock-step, as we moved to this city together.

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