Short Case Studies On Training And Development

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Short Case Studies On Training And Development

End of program feedback scores averaged 5.8 out of 6. Key employee opinion scores significantly exceeded the agreed targets for Strategy, Employee Engagement, and Learning & Development. (2013), "Engaging global training program delivers high‐performance results", Strategic HR Review, Vol. "There are very few opportunities when top talent inside Microsoft can meet each other in meaningful ways and get their thinking structured in a way that makes them more self-aware and able to more easily share the issues they face in their departments," noted Rhodes."The Peer Coaching experience in the Learning Circles has huge value for the participants and our company; in the first year the program’s evaluation score was 98%."Besides high approvals, Rhodes also cited the substantial benefits gleaned from the Learning Circles: The Circles have been so successful in Microsoft’s development programs that they now are in their third year and are in use in five different programs in the company, from employee on-boarding to training new college hires.The actual scores showed year‐on‐year increases of between 7 and 11 percent, compared to the 1 to 3 percent target increases. High turnover in any employment structure comes with a high cost.

In select regions, Authenticity consultants also taught the core coaching skills needed for members to get the most out of their Circles.Together they worked at customizing the peer program in a highly collaborative partnership, including the adaptation of a guidebook and various tools for trainers, facilitators and group members to understand and apply the peer group process and agenda.The design team also set structures and ground rules to ensure confidentiality among group members, plus a way to measure progress of the groups and members.In several short, virtual sessions, Microsoft’s leadership development and program personnel were oriented to the peer process.The successful collaborative effort during the quick and efficient ramp-up period inspired trust in Authenticity and its model.

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The purpose of this paper is to describe the impact of the DHL Express CIS Foundation program, a globally consistent learning program, which was developed and delivered to 100,000 employees in 220 countries in 42 languages in less than 18 months.

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