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Sexual Harassment Term Papers

Employees should learn about company policies and laws relating to sexual harassment, procedures for filing complaints, and expectations of behavior for all employees, says Chris Kilmartin, Ph D, a psychologist and emeritus psychology professor at the University of Mary Washington.Bystander intervention training also may help increase a sense of accountability, where employees are expected to speak up and even file their own complaints when they witness sexual harassment involving another employee.Some common risk factors for sexual harassment include workplaces with a strict hierarchical power dynamic where men outnumber women and most supervisors are male.

"A hostile environment affects the whole organization, not just the people who are harassed," Kilmartin says. Training can be engaging, with real-life scenarios, rather than forcing employees to watch a dated video with stilted vignettes.As the list of high-profile men accused of sexual harassment or assault grows, a cultural shift demanding increased accountability for workplace sexual harassment may be occurring in the public eye.But behind closed doors, many companies and institutions have done little to address sexual harassment, which has contributed to hostile work environments not only for victims of sexual harassment but also for other employees who are merely bystanders."Basically, it poisons the organization." Kilmartin has served as a sexual harassment training consultant for many organizations and the armed forces, including the U. Kilmartin used his chops as a stand-up comedian to incorporate humor into a sexual harassment training video he wrote for the Army.In the video, a clueless soldier is dressed down by a sergeant for telling sexist jokes.

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